Help One Now Legacy Project

Pastor Gaetan took in 14 orphans before the earthquake in Haiti. He and his wife knew it was the right thing to do. After 2010’s devastating earthquake took the lives of so many, including his brother and many members of his church, Pastor Gaetan found himself with 16 more orphans in his care. Since then, […]

Individuals, Charities, & Businesses Working Together (a Pure Charity post)

After spending last week in Haiti observing some incredible development work in action, we wanted to share a perspective about how individuals, nonprofits, and businesses can work together to give long-term, sustainable solutions to some of the world’s greatest needs. Many complex and interwoven layers of personal, social and governmental challenges create a daunting set of obstacles. […]

Leaving Haiti…

Okay, I miss my wife & children a whole lot, and I’m ready to be home…but I’m not ready to leave. As the plane left the ground in Haiti this morning my first thought was “when can I return?” I think all the words that need to be said about this trip have been said […]