On the Occasion of Celebrating Seth’s One Year of Sobriety (Gather You Fires, Part IV)

One year ago, my friend/brother and I drove back from Austin, Texas after a spell at Idea Camp.   The drive back was moment upon moment of grace as I listened and processed a journey that was beginning for him.  The stay at the David House changed more than just our friendship.  It changed our lives.

His journey has been chronicled through his own words, but on this one year anniversary his journey has inspired a few more.

(This is part of the Collective Poems.)



On the Occasion of Celebrating Seth’s One Year of Sobriety
(Gather You Fires, Part IV)

A year has passed and
the kin-light shines differently
in one brother.
Quiet, strong
yet drawn from a
new spring.
Recognizable yet

The drops of flammable liquid
have dried and
burn no more.
The light remaining
only blazes
under its own strength.
It is light
no longer constrained
to flare only from the
silver crescent moon
that can produce
no light of its own.

Faith was not empty
yet empty yielded to an outpouring life
not dulled by the shadows of one
who spoke of faith
without a need for it.
Frail rib cages screamed
“faith is not sufficient!”
A light in the eyes said
“daddy, it’s going to be okay”
because you are With me.
With replaced and filled.
Now sufficient without.

The well
once visited
in disbelief
is now filled.
Dust is all that remains.
The soul’s thirst
has found deep reserves
of a tomorrow
that only breathes
by grace.
Intentional grace.

Gathered and poured out-
a new wineskin.
Drawn and emptied-
a new communion table.
Broken and shared-
a new Eucharist.

Gather our new fire-
you are awoken for the collective.
Pain removed pain-
ashes no more-
collective preserved.

Spirit one to another.
Awake!  Awake!
Drink in the brilliant, filling
Emmanuel star.
The constellation begins again.


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