a gift from a friend…

A little over a year ago, Seth scribbled some words to commemorate another year of my life (my birthday). A year later I am still working through the deep waters of those words.

As the time of year came again, Seth slide an envelope across the table to me at lunch one day. In the small print of his own hand, he imparted a blessing and a charge.

I am forever grateful…

Let’s come clean together,
wash free tobacco ash,
the souring spilt smell
of the boozy night.
Like children, let’s come clean,
like children who bathed
at the old mill’s river run,
down by where the water wheel turns
and turns,
and turns,
drowns any hope of different water.
Let’s wake to a new baptism;
the only water is where we are.

…read the rest of “Coming Clean” at SethHaines.com

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